At FMFNBA, Community Responsibility Initiative, is a core factor for developing the FMFNBA and is included as one of the benefits of membership in the Association. In essence, FMFNBA wants to drive economic diversity and growth, thereby creating capacity in their citizens. The FMFNBA wants to support their citizens by providing additional revenues for programs that will better prepare them for these opportunities.

FMFNBA wants to be seen as pioneers, by setting an example for other Nations and organizations. They will inspire them to ‘up their game’ within the context of social and community responsibility. FMFNBA wants to make their citizens proud of their community and heritage, and supportive of local businesses.

Economic Growth

Entrepreneurial Training

Contract Readiness Training


Extra-curricular activities for children

After school care programs

Sports activities

Community Well Being

Healthy meal preparation

Employee assistance programs

Organized fitness activities

Coping with family violence

Culture & Language

Summer camps for kids

School programs